The Breaking Bad Throw

crocheted blanket
crocheted blanket

My apologies for the really bad picture – it was taken quickly, between another go at the b***y ice-troll that kept killing me, and a superb night out with a sushi class.

This is the blanket as seen in the TV series “Breaking Bad” – as it happens, I wasn’t very interested in watching the series initially. Then I saw the blanket being discussed in a blog, and kinda fell in love with the pattern.

So I decided I have to make one. And of course, I tried to watch the series again – in case you haven’t heard of it, the story is about a rather burned-out teacher who leads a life full of underwhelming experiences (his students suck, he’s got to work double shifts at a car-wash to make ends meet, and of course the bully from his school spots him there) is diagnosed with cancer.

To make sure his family will be provided for he decides to start cooking meth cocaine – what could possibly go wrong with that, right? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot … but you should watch for yourself. It’s brilliant.