This is not a love song …

I finally made something other than a Laurel. The parade of Anna’s that’s currently marching through the blogosphere has put an idea into my head.

Maybe, just maybe this could be a dress for me? I adore the neck opening, and the high waist looked like it might work with my rather noticeable belly, I thought.

And since I’ve recently come to like dresses (it’s amazing what living a hectic life in a very hot climate can do to your style choices … just saying.), I thought it would be a good idea to branch out a little.

I had ca. 2m of black linen left from my first Laurel (bad photo here), and since I have since found out this linen isn’t the best of qualities (that Laurel ripped right next to the back arm scye), I thought it would be good to make a muslin which ideally would turn out wearable.

Now, let me tell you, I had grave doubts about that … anything that’s fitted in the bodice usually ends with me wanting to pull my hair out, wrap it around my sewing machine and throw the bundle out of the window.

This worked a bit better … after the usual zipper disaster. To begin with, I didn’t have a 22″ zip, invisible or not. I did have a black, invisible 18″ one … so I thought, what’s a few inches between friends, huh, and proceeded to put it in. Now, through no fault of the pattern or zip, I messed it up, and of course the linen being what it is, ended up with a hole right next to the zip. The only way forward was to cut it out, hence reducing the back width by roughly an inch. Then start over again. This time, I took the opportunity to finish the seam allowances in the back properly (Hong Kong style), and the zip went in fine. Fine, I say … not exactly invisible, but hey. It was a first.

Anna back
Anna back

Alas, after trying the dress on, it appeared that the strain of the too short zip (I can just barely squeeze into the dress) was too much for the linen, and it started to pull right underneath the zip. So I decided to make a feature out of it, and put on a bias cut square on top of that area, in the hopes it will add enough stability. We’ll see how that works out.

Other than that, I have the same issues I’d read about before … the neck line, which still looks adorable imho, gapes a bit. Should I make this again, I’d pinch out an inch or so front and back.

Anna front
Anna front – yes, horribly overexposed again.

There’s also some vicious wrinkling going on in weird places, but to be honest, that could just be the linen … it did the same thing when I used it for a tiny pocket tee.

It’s also a lot more see-through than I was aware. Good grief.

So, while I’m pleased that the dress mostly fits me well, this is not a love song 😀 But that’s mostly due to my poor choices, and no fault of the pattern. Which is adorable. Make one. You’ll see.