To the frog pond!

To the frog pond!
To the frog pond!

Around the time this photo was taken, the suspicion had firmly taken hold, and yet, some dark magic stopped me from doing the reasonable thing and try the sock on. Had I listened to that inner voice of mine, it could have been avoided. But alas, so driven was I to finish this project, that I pressed forward, without heed of danger or reason.

And so began what had to happen – the socks are too long. Like, A LOT too long. Not just some ease one would hope a machine wash is going to fix. More like “will accidentally putting them in with the colourfast things shrink them enough?”. And we all know that is not a good solution – when has machine washing socks in the hot cycle ever gone right?

So to the frog pond it is (should any non-knitters actually read this: they are going to be ripped back, so I can re-make them into socks which fit me, not a Yeti). LeSigh.

But me being me, I didn’t stop to fret to and cry, I simply embarked on a new project. And two nights later, here we are with my first cabled socks:

Cabled Socks
Cabled Socks


And with that, dear Readers, I wish you a lovely holiday, whatever your fest of choice is this time of year, and see you again next year!

Of cables and hooded woolwares

Central Park Hoody
Central Park Hoodie

After finishing the Araucania cardi, this is my next big project – The Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky.

The yarn I’m using is the Pure Border Leicester by Blacker yarns – a solid english wool, which is going to make a sturdy and versatile (and very warm, I’m sure) garment.

The yarn has no halo whatsoever, so the cables are nicely defined and round and plump, and on 5.5mm needles it knits up fast – in fact, I’m hoping to make considerable progress over the weekend.

But of course, it’s the holiday season, and there are parties to attend … we’ll see how it goes.

CP Hoodie cable detail
CP Hoodie cable detail

Of Socks with Heel Flaps

Sock knitting and I have a bit of a checkered history.

Despite the fact that I always loved wearing hand knit socks, I never really liked to make them. Back in the day, when I learned to knit, more years ago than is appropriate to reveal publicly, there was only one method. You started at the cuff, did a heel flap and then grafted the toes together.

My heels were always more or less complete failures – having small instead of gaping holes along the pickup sides of the flap counted as a major success. My grafting sucked, and the toe ends were always more or less puckered, with a few holes added for good measure.

In short, my socks were mostly unwearable, which of course totally defeated the purpose of making them, especially since it was such a painful and frustrating process – the two circular method wasn’t around, either.

Socks! With heels!
Socks! With heels!

Fast forward 20 an undisclosed number of years, and there are more methods to make socks than I have fingers on my hand. Both hands, actually.

So I started to make toe ups socks, with short-row heels, and I was in sock heaven. Easy-peasy, a pair made in a couple of days. Brilliant.

Then a friend on G+ vented her frustration about heel flaps, and the great community came up with a lot of great advice, and I felt inspired to try a toe-up sock with heel flaps.

Enter Wendy D. Johnson and her book , “Socks from the toe up” – there’s a link on the right hand side, if you’d like to check it out. I chose to make the “Mock Cable Socks”, but modified the pattern a bit, and swapped the cables for Eyelet Mock Cable Rib.

They turned out perfect, if I may say so myself:

The Mighty Slip Stitch Heel
The Mighty Slip Stitch Heel

Tina’s Hope – button: the results

Thanks to all who voted- it was a tight race!

For quite some time, the gold-geometric was up close with the dark brown button, but then gold won the race by a nose length!

I’ll sew it on tonight, and then share a photo of the lovely finished hat!

G+ KAL – Tina’s Hope

Tina's hope - band close up
Tina's hope - band close up

This is the sorry state of affairs concerning my cabling.

Cables, to be honest, have never been a favorite of mine, but that’s probably because I just prefer lighter textiles, and cables tend to become rather heavy.

But I loved this design, and I enjoy KAL’s very much – a new experience for me. Previously, I have just knitted along happily in my dark, lonesome attic (well, not quite, but you get the idea), and now there are people to share my progress with, and to follow along in their journey. It’s great.

Did I say that 50% of the proceeds from the pattern sale go to cancer research?

By the time you’ll get to see this post, I’ll hopefully have added a bit more, however as my week’s shaping up even busier than the last, this is a canned post, and hence it’s showing where I’m at on Sunday, the 2nd of October. Just before I leave for work. That’s right, folks. On a Sunday. <grumpy mumblings>

Tina's hope - band
Tina's hope - band