Short cuts*

My managers have been really nice to me, and as a consequence of that I had a loooong weekend, including Monday. Yay – Monday work-fatigue disaster avoided!

So I took the time to leisurely stroll around town … ah, let’s cut it. I actually ran from shop to shop, avoiding the spells of rain as best as possible, to shop for a few essentials (miso, kohlrabi, fabric, hooks and eyes … that sort of thing).

Well, actually I didn’t mean to buy any fabric at all, but my way led me by my favorite fabric shop, Fabricland**, and it would have been rude not to pop in, right? As an aside, shop assistants there now apparently recognize me – which clearly means I’m doing a great job at not being rude.

However, I also *really* needed hooks and eyes (well, one set) … for the yet unblogged Simplicity 2211 skirt I made, using a bit of stashed fabric that was a left-over from my first trousers. But when I was in there, I pretty much immediately spotted this:

Black linen with sparkly flowers

And I just knew that a) I had to buy it now, as the bolt was clearly coming to an end, and b) that was the fabric I’d been waiting for to finally spur me into making my parfait. So buy I did.

Back home, I proceeded to locate the pattern in my newly organized boxes – a breeze, that one. Then I unfolded the pattern sheets, and started to trace off the pieces. Now, I choose to trace rather than cut straight off the sheets. That’s partly because my body is … weirdly shaped, and I like the ability to go back and use a different size.

According to the Burda size guide, I’m an 18 at the bust, a whopping 20 at the waist, and a 12 at my hips.*** Well. Now, I am aware I have a belly. But trust me when I say it’s NOT a size 20 belly. And yeah, my shoulders are wide. But NOT size 18 wide, and my boobs are alright, but certainly not in the vicinity of a double-G or whatever a size 18 translates to.

So, after some pondering, and remembering that I made the Violet blouse from Colette before and it was a bit huge in 14 for me, I decided to do a muslin in 12.

There was some black linen in my stash, another left-over from another pair of trousers. They sadly never made it onto the blog, as they were nowhere near fitting me, and got cut up for pieces quickly.

The pattern calls for 2.5 yards of fabric, and I had roughly 2. Well, what can go wrong, right? Just as pattern makers add some extra ease (you have notices that you need to go down at least  a size for any pattern to fit you, too, right? What is that, over-compensating for our need to betray ourselves considering our bodies?), they usually add some extra yardage to cover for any miscuts.

So I squeezed, and I wriggled, and I refolded (the parfait has a huge number of on-the-fold cuts), and it was a close shave, but it worked:

Cut muslin for Colette Parfait

So now my parfait muslin is all cut and ready to go.

Look at the pitiful cut-offs … not even hoarder me deems these keep-worthy.


To be continued …

*This also happens to be the title of one of my all-time favorite movies, Short Cuts by Robert Altman. If you haven’t seen it, you totally should. And while you’re at it, watch ALL.THE.MOVIES  made by Robert Altman. He was a genius. He also made one of the best westerns evah. And M*A*S*H*.

**I do not take responsibility for the possible need of eye-bleach after clicking this link. They have great fabrics, for very reasonable prices, their staff is fantastic, but their website sucks. Big time.

***Those are UK sizes.