Colette – Laurel

While the weather is still rather temperamental, it is a bit warmer now, and that means I can finally use the sewing room. Okay, to be honest I could have used it before, but I’d have to drag the electric heater in there, and for a spot of evening sewing that just doesn’t happen – by the time the rooms warmed up sufficiently, I’m ready for bed most times.

But with a four day weekend, I was intent on finally making use of it. I even found a second screw to secure my chair seat, so I wouldn’t fall off the chair and break my neck – win!

Last week, Colette Patterns released Laurel, and while I’ve admired a lot of their patterns, and even own a few, I’ve never made anything but a Sorbetto top – which didn’t fit me very well, and I’ve not gotten around to fix the pattern. I’m thinking I might do that soon, though …

Laurel is a cute little pattern that can be made into a dress or top, and with the fitting issues from Sorbetto in mind, I decided I’d make the top first.

I had this rather weird teal poly-cotton with textured stripes in my stash, and I’ve been looking for a pattern for it for quite a while. Laurel seemed to fit the bill, and indeed it does work rather well, I think.

Things were going fairly well with my first version – there was some gaping in the back neck line, but thanks to the back center seam, it was no problem to fix that by taking the seam in 1.5 inches.

Sadly, though, when I set about to press the seam open, I accidentally switched the temperature on my iron to highest, and promptly melted a hole in the fabric 😦 Go me.

There was just enough of the fabric left to make a second version, and that gave me the opportunity to fix a few minor fitting issues – the gaping back neckline by taking out 1.5 inches at the top of the back center seam, tapering to nothing roughly at waist height.

I also lowered the neck-side of the shoulder seams by a bit less than an inch, as they were standing up a little bit in the first version.

Colette - Laurel front
Colette – Laurel front

The back would probably benefit from a little bit more tampering with the shoulder seams and armscye, there’s a teensy bit of wrinkling there, but not enough to really bother me.

Colette - Laurel back
Colette – Laurel back

The only thing I’m not entirely sure about is the sleeve length, which hits just at my elbows. I kinda like it, though … maybe I get used to it.

And just for giggles, here’s one shot of my litte herb-garden-in-the-making. The birds have ripped out a couple of baby tomatoes and chilies, but it looks like it was more of an exploratory action and they decided they’re not appealing to eat. Phew. I’m sure there will be many other takers once the sun comes out for good …

Future herb garden
Future herb garden

Of wordless Fridays

Today is Friday, and I don’t have a knitting related post for you 😦

And I can’t even claim Thanksgiving as an excuse – I’m a German living in the UK, so no food induced coma for me.

I have, however, a shopping tip – the Colette Holiday Bundle.

For a measly $50, you get the Colette Sewing Handbook and two of their lovely patterns – total bargain! This translates to just a tad over £40, including the shipping fees.

I’ve wanted the handbook for ages, and I’ve been secretly in love with Parfait ever since I saw it first online – and that’s saying something for somebody who never wears dresses 😀

My second choice was Violet, which just looks adorable with the little peter pan collar and the half-length sleeves.

If you are participating in a “No buy Friday”, which I think is a brilliant idea, don’t despair – the bundle is available throughout the Holiday season.

Happy Shopping!