Of Socks with Heel Flaps

Sock knitting and I have a bit of a checkered history. Despite the fact that I always loved wearing hand knit socks, I never really liked to make them. Back in the day, when I learned to knit, more years ago than is appropriate to reveal publicly, there was only one method. You started atContinue reading “Of Socks with Heel Flaps”

Of Left-over Yarn and Matching Mitts

After finishing the Fickle-Zen KAL, I had some of the lovely yarn left, and I thought how nice it would be to have a pair of matching mitts for the shawl. But me being my usual me, I wasn’t sure there was *enough* yarn left for a pair of mitts … thankfully, my genius ideaContinue reading “Of Left-over Yarn and Matching Mitts”