Nicoletta finished

I mentioned this shawl before in this post.

It’s a light crescent shawl I designed for my little sister’s (who, to be fair, isn’t really that little) birthday, and hence named the pattern after her (vaguely).

Meet Nicoletta:


This baby is rather shallow, but wide enough to be wrapped around your neck twice.

The main body consists of garter stitches in two colours, framed by eyelet rows, and finished with a slightly ruffled garter stitch edge.

Now, the “slightly ruffled” … I doubled my stitch count, and the result is pleasant enough. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more ruffly, to be honest, although I believe this is perfect for my sister, who’s not the kind of person for luscious ruffles (or lace, for that matter, which is why this is a more rustic design than I usually do).

In honor of my sister, this pattern will be available at a hefty discount until May 10th, then the price will rise to £3.50.

Nicoletta, the two-colour garter stitch crescent shawl, is available through amazon. My first ebook – I am so excited!

Click on the image to be taken to – if you don’t live in the UK, though, you can just go to “your” amazon, and should be able to download it from there, too.

Or snap it from Ravelry:

Triangle of Trifles (not truffles, though I assure you I had some during the holidays)

To get this out of the way: yes, there was chocolate.

Champagne truffles
Champagne truffles

There also was knitting.

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New Stitch: Eyelet Mock-Cable Rib

Eyelet Mock-Cable Rib
Eyelet Mock-Cable Rib

A new stitch has been added to the Stitch Library: The Eyelet Mock-Cable Rib.

It’s a simple to do, but great looking rib pattern. The Twist is an easy sso, and the the eyelet gives it a bit more depth. Wondering what I should do with this one?