A few bits’n bobs

Last weekend I mostly cooked, including a horribly failed gluten free lasagne (the pasta sheets had turned to mush during the cooking, and it was all a hot mess). It was rather sad, as the vision I had was great, and the pasta behaved okay as long as it was thrown into boiling water … and yet another lesson learned. Pre-cook gluten free lasagne sheets.

I also worked a bit on a crochet shawl I’m making – it’s rather simple, but I really like how it’s turning out:

Crochet granny square shawl

Mostly it’s just granny squares, with a few double rows of shell pattern (which will also be the edging, unless I find something I like better by the time I get there). The yarns are  Plumstreetfiberarts (see their etsy shop) and Malabrigo lace. They’re a bit different, but I like the contrast and think it works well.

In other news, I tried the fix for my jeans (suggested by Almond Rock), and so far it’s looking good. Haven’t washed it yet, so it remains to be seen how well it’ll hold up in the washing machine.

Barely visible: The Hole

I also fixed my jacket, and it was a lot easier than I thought – I just ironed the seam again, with a little more give on the inside. It’s still a tad wonky, but I think that’s a more fundamental construction issue and can’t be fixed unless I want to take the lining all out and put it in again, and I have no intentions of doing so 😀

Happy Monday, all!