Today’s the day

I am not going to bore you with a lengthy list of reasons why I didn’t blog for so long. Let’s just say it didn’t happen and move on, shall we?

Obviously, I didn’t stop making things … maybe not at a high frequency, but there were quite a few good ones in there. The Alabama Chanin skirt was finished, and turned out rather lovely – since I’m still planning (ya, I know, fall and spring are kinda over, but I’m sure they’ll come back!) to go ahead with the coat, I’ll save that for a separate post.

Some Linden tops were made – much love, in particular to my black merino version – no photo, sorry. My crappy camera packed it in and is now in the lands of everlasting perfect exposure.

A proper highlight was another Archer from gray chambray – fully flat felled and all. There shall be photos in the future (see above).

Onward and upwards – for now, with less-than-perfect iPhone shots. Go me – revive the blog with blurry fuzz. That’s how the pros do it 😀

In the recent past there was an effort to level up my summer wardrobe – down here, spring lasts about two ticks, and we’re getting to the tail end of it (the weather started properly improving a couple of days ago). The Hannah top by Salme patterns had caught my eye – I’m rather partial to the exposed shoulder design.

But alas, my first muslin was a catastrophe. The neck too tight. The shoulders too small. The back limiting. And let’s not talk about the stretch lines over my bust … honestly, I wasn’t even sure it’s worth fiddling with the fit. But I’m off this week, and I kinda like a mild mental challenge with my 2nd cuppa in the morning, so fiddle I did.

Hannah changes front
Hannah changes front

Changes to the front:

  • Shorten upper bodice by 1 inch
  • Add 1/2 inch to the neckline
  • Add 1/2 inch to the shoulder seam
  • Add 1 inch tapering to nothing at the hem to the body
  • move bust dart point to accommodate added width
  • move bust dart up 1 inch
Hannah changes back
Hannah changes back

Changes to the back:

  • same neck and shoulder additions as to the front
  • same body adjustments
  • redraw armscye
  • lowered back neck by 1/2 inch

Now, if this looks like I a) knew what I was doing or b) had a good plan – that’s a no to both. I kinda randomly added space where I thought it was needed, and changed a few lines to keep the general design vibe.

Good news – my totally slap-dash approach worked (mostly) and I got a very wearable top out of it, which I have plans to make a few more times – next one in a black broderie anglaise, fully lined with some light silk I have.

I was going to leave you without a photo, but what the heck – if you’re actually still here, you deserve all my crappy-and-no-make-up iPhone shots! Enjoy.

Hannah muslin
Hannah – finally wearable muslin no. 3.

This sadly highlighted the absence of a good racerback bra in my drawer, tho – oh, didn’t I mention I also made two bras? They’re both not perfect, but the fit was good enough (read: better than any RTW I currently own) that I intend to persist on that path …

Now this post feels like meeting a long absent friend again, when you just want to talk about the most recent things in your life but find yourself blabbering on about the 500 other things that led to the current situation 😀

Because what I really wanted to tell you about were the jeans you can see in the photo above, and which I don’t plan to wear with this top (but with a black one – oh la la). Ginger jeans. The internets are right, ’tis an awesome pattern. Which I’ll tell you all about in a future post – if you can’t wait (and I wouldn’t blame you, heaven only knows when that will be), there are links to instagram in the side bar.