Hexipuffs without sewing – yay!

As you might recall, I made my first hexipuff a few days ago.

Now, much as I love to make them, and cute as they are, there’s one thing that bugs me: Tiny Owl says it’s quick and easy to sew them all up – it only took her 2 days.

2 days != quick and easy, to say it in the universal language of code (!= means does not equal). And I think 2 days very much do not equal quick and easy.

So I pondered this a while, and then thought to myself, maybe I can just pick up the stitches for a new hexipuff from the one I’ve just finished. So I did that, and it worked well. I had to two hexipuffs, securely connected to one another without me doing any hand sewing at all!

Now I picked up another number of stitches right next to the one I’d just finished, and I connected this one to it’s neighbour by picking up a stitch out of the side of the neighbouring one, and knitting it with the first stitch on the front needle. Voila: Three hexipuffs, all joined together, and NO HAND SEWING at all.

No sew Hexipuffs
No sew Hexipuffs

Okay, so I do still have to weave in ends. Let me think on this for a while … 😉

Quick morning knit …

Today I did it. Not only did I knit before work, no, it was a … *drumroll* … hexipuff I knitted.

Those of you who’ve already fallen for them will understand, those who still resist … well, let me tell you, resistance is futile!

My rationale was that I meant to try out a three-needle-bind-off for ages. Yes. I know. But it’s true!!

Eiter way, I’m infected.

Hexipuff ...
Hexipuff ...