Jalie 2908 – the jeans saga continues

This is pair #4 I’ve made from this pattern – technically speaking. The black corduroy version never really saw the light of day, tho, so I’ll call it #3.

This time, however, I had to trace a new pattern, since I’ve lost something in the vicinity of 30 pounds since I made the first one, so those earlier iterations are a tad saggy now.

On the bright side, I already knew that the pattern fits me like a glove once I’ve hacked out an inch of the back yoke to accommodate my sway back.

Jalie Jeans – black stretch back

As you can see, the fit is great. No sway back wrinkling – yay!

The back pockets turned out great, too:

Jalie Jeans – back pocket detail

Other things, however, didn’t go so well.

For some reason, the very first zip fly I did for this pattern came out great, as you can see here. All following are messed up, including this one:

Jalie Jeans black stretch denim fly

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I do think I finally actually understood the construction of the fly, so I’m hopeful for the next one – oh yes, there will be a next one!

In the above picture, you can also see the biggest and most disheartening issue: The Hole.

When I put in the zip, I went horribly wrong and had to take it out again. And then it happened – I slipped with my scissors, and hacked a hole into the leg part of my jeans. About 3 inches away from my crotch. Where you can’t even put a patch or something without drawing a whole lot more attention to an area that really doesn’t need any extra attention. If you get my gist.

Here it is in all it’s horrid glory:

Jalie Jeans – the hole

Ah well. I guess this will be a “fit for home wear” muslin, then …

On the bright side – I think the Jalie 2908 now has reached the truly TNT status for me. Yay!

You win some, you lose some

Today I wanted to show you the finished black cords. Especially for you, Sylvia 🙂

Really, I had the best of intentions and was stoked to finish the thing. For all of 15 minutes. Then I noticed really bad looping of the bobbin thread, and my machine started to make this noise again, and I had an enlightenment.

This is a hobby, I thought. One I take pretty seriously, and one that I use to save a little bit of my corner of the world, and also something I do to enjoy myself. I do NOT enjoy hearing my machine make that noise. I do NOT enjoy swearing at little loops in the bobbin thread, and I most decidedly do NOT enjoy breaking needles whizzing mere centimeters by my eye.

And that was that. The black cords are in the rubbish bin, I will go hunt for some other fabric (I still want a pair of black jeans), and otherwise forget about this whole abysmal affair as quickly as possible.

For some instant gratification, I made another t-shirt from the pile of jersey knits I got at Walthamstow during my recent trip there with Kim-ing. This was actually acquired at Saeed’s, and I have a generous 3m of it (the end of a roll seems to trigger some unstoppable urge to get rid of it in their shop assistants –  I asked for 2 m, and that’s what I paid for, but got what was left on the bolt).

The pattern used was my self-drafted, and that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about this make.

Maya front
Maya front

I shortened it a tad to hit on my hips rather than 3 fingers below, and this length seems to work better.

Maya back
Maya back

This photo had me a bit surprised, I have to say. I’m quite aware of my rather broad shoulders, but man, do I look like a rugby player here or what??

Maya and Cardi
Maya and Cardi

And here it is styled with  my beloved Caterpillar Cardi. Is that too much stripey action here? I kinda like them together, but it does feel a tad too psychedelic, no?