Another stripey triangle

Looking back over the makes of the last months, it’s clear that I have been fascinated by the interaction between colour and texture. A lot of my makes utilise purl ridges to make a contrast colour really pop – like my Caterpillar Cardigan.

This triangle shawl uses the same basic technique, and even very similar yarns. The green lambswool has been replacec by (naturally) brown shetland lace, but the long colour changes are provided by some Kauni effect yarn in pink/beige (or EJ, on the linked page):

Kauni effect yarn pink/beige

Other than that, it’s a very simple, classic triangle shawl. Started at the top of the “spine”, I just alternated 2 rows of Shetland in garter stitch with 2 rows of Kauni in stockinette until I thought it was big enough (it’s just about, could have done with a couple of more inches, as I really wanted a huge shawl to wrap around me and use as jacket substitute).

Stripey triangle blocking
Stripey triangle blocking

Initially, I was going to do a bi-colour ruffled edging, but then ran out of yarn. Or, as it turned out, didn’t really, however could not find the 2 balls I was sure were somewhere (a project bag in the big seagrass box all my WIPs live in – in other words, exactly where they should have been. I’m not sure how that temporary blindness came over me …) but couldn’t locate at the time.

So I ripped it out, smartly without having taken any photos, and replaced it by a simple variation on a Van Dyke Edging.

Stripey triangle van dyke-ish edging
Stripey triangle van dyke-ish edging

I really like the effect these long colour changes have when combined with a solid contrast colour, and have a feeling I’m not done playing with that … I think a striped cardigan might be next, this time leaving out the purl ridges and sticking to stockinette.

Stripey triangle
Stripey triangle

Or maybe another shawl, as I have a a skein of Kauni lace …

Another shawl?

Summer! (Or so they say, anyways …. )

Apparently, according to the BBC, next week it will happen. No, not the Olympics (well, those, too), but I speak of the Summer.

Look at this:

Sharp tongues whisper that the BBC has been bribed by the Olympic Committee …. I don’t know if there’s any truth to that, but I do know that I’ll believe it when I see it. The summer, still 😀

And just in case (because I’m the crazy German who has contingency plans for contingency plans) I have made this:

Felted Cloche

The pattern I used is the Beacon Street Cloche, available for free on Ravelry. It’s a well written little crochet pattern, and works up quickly – took me all of three episodes of Fringe to hook my way through it.
I used the last of the Aade Long from the Caterpillar Cardi, and some black wool from Lithuania that had been kicking around in my stash for a while and feels very much like the Kauni, so I thought they’d work well together.

Felted Cloche – off

If I’d make this again (and to be perfectly honest with you, I have just started another one …), I’d make it a wee bit shorter, as it does feel like it’s hanging over my eyes a bit.

Other than that, a delightful project, and one I’m sure will get a lot of use, if in the non-existent summer we have this  year, or later when fall sets in.