Scout woven and Moss skirt, both 2nd edition

After last weekend’s somewhat unsatisfying ending regarding the Moss skirt, I buckled up this Saturday and cut a new waistband.

After that, it all came together very quickly …okay, I’m lying. There was one more seam ripper incident, but it was small and short and ultimately not worth talking about.

When I was finished, I realized that the Scout Woven Tee would not only go well with the skirt (like they planned it over there at Grainline, you know!), but I also had the perfect fabric for it.

A very special fabric indeed – this meter of Liberty of London, to be precise. To the current day, it remains the single most expensive meter of fabric I’ve ever bought, and I’m still utterly in love with it.

What can I say that hasn’t been said about it before? Nothing. It is just as beautiful, soft, drapey, lovely to work with as every other blogger on the internets will tell you.

And don’t the two make a lovely outfit together?

Liberty Moss
Liberty Moss

This time I made the Moss skirt with the seam band, as I’ve realized that for some reason, I’ve become super prissy about my skirt length at work. Don’t ask, I don’t know what’s happened (other than “over 40”, maybe). Anyways, with the seam bands attached, it’s very appropriate, if a teensy bit restrictive for a fast walker like me.

No matter, I love it and I’m sure this is going to be one of my most worn skirts of this summer (and maybe even beyond, we’ll see).

I’ve also (or so I believe) added my Scout Tee to the Kollabora Sewalong (maybe even in time?) – if you fancy it, please do pop over and like it 🙂 Not that I delude myself into thinking I have a chance of winning anything, but it would be nice to get a few hearts, and they’re a good platform and can use a few clicks.