Pattern page update (and a small sale)

In preparation for more patterns I’m going to release soon-ish, I have updated the looks of my pattern page.

Unfortunately, the free hosted wordpress isn’t the most friendly for this kind of layout, and I’m not entirely happy with it yet, but it is better than it was before 😀 And my funds don’t allow me quite yet to host this blog myself …

All patterns are currently on sale for $0.99.
Anyways, these are the pattern currently published:

Nicoletta – a bicolour triangle shawlette in shetland lace yarn.

Bi-colour triangle with a slight ruffle

Triangle of Trifles – a great project to us up an odd ball and some left-overs.

Triangle of Trifles – circular shawl, great for using up odd ends of lace.

Classic Shetland triangle with old shale lace border – just what it says in the name 🙂

Shetland Old Lace Triangle – A classic shetland pattern in Shetland lace.

Free download (Ravelry)

Lazy Weekend

My weekend was mostly spent reading, and catching up on some sleep and cleaning around the house.

Hence I don’t really have a lot to share in terms of knitting or sewing today, and will keep it brief.

I did print, tape and cut/trace the pattern for the blouse I’m making for the VPLL1912 Titanic project, and I did sort my fabric into my brand new plastic boxes.

VPLL1912 #1000 Basque

For tracing pattern, I use greaseproof paper. It’s sturdy, cost-effective cheap and the only downside is that it can be a bit narrow, in which case you have to tape the pieces together. This only ever happened to me for trousers, tho, and was easily solved by using some sello tape.

Patternmaking with greaseproof paper

For me this works really well – what are you using? Or do you cut right from the pattern sheet?

Somehow, I don’t like doing that … I think it’s a combination of the delusional belief that one day I will loose these extra 10 pounds, and the fact that I started sewing from magazine patterns (because that was what we had at home … for the longest time, I didn’t even know that you can buy individual patterns. Ya, how embarrassing, I know … ), and since there are many patterns on one sheet, you obviously don’t want to cut it in case you want to make another one from it.

Of course there was some knitting, too. Since the football turned out to be really captivating (sorry, England, but Buffon is a god) I needed something easy to work on, and started yet another shawl.

This one is going to be a present for a friend, and she likes surprises, so the lack of discernible detail in the photo is (for once) on purpose:

Yet another shawl, somewhat secret


Summer Mystery KAL with Wendy

Click on the picture to see the Ravelry group.

It’s this time of the year again.

Last year, when I participated in my first KAL (knit-along), I enjoyed the process immensely. There is something enchanting about knitting the same thing as many other knitters around the world, not knowing what it’ll end up looking like but faithfully trudging on, and have a forum to discuss any challenges the pattern might pose.

Mystery KALs are always a special case. Usually, you get the pattern for less than then full sale prize, but you don’t know what you’re buying. For me, that adds to the appeal, but can of course backfire.

I have done a KAL last year where I had to give up, because no matter how I looked at it, I didn’t like the pattern. It was painful to knit, and I didn’t like the look. After several tries, I finally ripped it.

Gauge swatch

This is the gauge swatch, and I’m pretty sure I’ll love this one. So far, I’ve just cast on, so there is nothing else you show you yet.

In one word: ruffles

Maybe you remember the shawl I made for mom’s birthday? You can find it here, if you want to have a looksee.

As it happens, my little sister’s birthday is just a couple of weeks before my mom’s, and even though we usually don’t make a huge deal out of it, it feels wrong to send my mother something and not my sister.

So I embarked on designing a shawl for her, too …

I used my now favorite yarn again, Blacker’s Pure Fine Shetland, and decided on a dark gray as base with some natural/off-white stripes.

Blacker pure shetland
Blacker pure shetland

Since the shawl is still a WIP, I can’t show you too much of it, but I can tell you this much:

  • it features a garter stitch body
  • of course there are eyelets
  • it will have ruffles

The latter is driving me slowly insane at the moment, as the edge rows are now (guestimated, I can’t be arsed to actually count the stitches … ) well beyond 600 stitches.

Sneak peek ruffles and eyelets
Sneak peek ruffles and eyelets

Stay tuned, as I intend to publish this pattern at some point, too.

Queen Anne’s Lace cardigan

This project I started in early September, as a welcome opportunity to use up some Rowan Classic Fine Merino yarn that had been gathering dust in my stash for more than a year.

It’s a top down, all-in-one pattern, which is something I meant to try for the longest time. Did I mention that I’m not a huge fan of sewing things together by hand? Well, meet the unremarkable sweater – it’s been sitting on my table, patiently waiting to be joined together for about 6 weeks now. Seriously. That’s how much I love joining. Not.

Unremarkable sweater
Unremarkable sweater

However, the cardi is coming along nicely, I’m working on the arms now and should be finished within the next week or so. As usual, work may interfere … as our project is soon to be launched, and things usually get a wee bit crazy around launch dates.

Queen Anne's Lace cardigan
Queen Anne's Lace cardigan

New lace: Fickle-Zen Mystery KAL

Since I’m having such a blast with the Susanna IC Mystery KAL, I was more than happy to jump onto the bandwagon when offered the chance for another one.

This one is hosted by Michelle of Fickle Knitter Design & Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden.

It started with a bit of nail-biting, as the mail with my yarn took aaaaaages, but finally arrived yesterday. So after a feast of sushi, I raced home, wound the yarn into a ball and started knitting immediately. Of course, I had to rip once to start over again (this seems to be a bit of a theme with me and the lace shawls, lol), which was in no way the patterns fault, just my usual “oh, so this reading thing is actually required to understand instructions?” approach.

Here’s a pic of the finished clue #2:

Fickle-Zen Mystery clue #2
Fickle-Zen Mystery clue #2

Susanna IC Mystery KAL – Update

Susanna IC close up
Susanna IC close up

It’s nearly done – short rows have been knitted. What a deceptive name, short rows. They do start short alright – but before long, you find yourself knitting longer and longer rows, until one is back to the “does this row ever end” feeling which I have come to believe is part of a lace shawl.

And it’s okay, really. At least there’s no counting involved, it’s rather mindless “knitknitknit” or “purlpurlpurl” – well, if you use stitch markers, that is, which I did.

So now I’m eagerly awaiting the last clue for the lacey top edge, and then off to the blocking … which I’m not at all sure where to do. I don’t have those professional blocking mats, I do not have any carpet in my house … the bed? Guess it will have to be.

Susanna IC - short rows done
Susanna IC - short rows done

Google+ KAL – Tina’s Hope – please vote! (Sunday Shinies included)

Tina’s Hope is nearly done, and I have even blocked it overnight, using the plate to make it slouchy.

Tina's Hope
Tina's Hope

Please vote for my button after the break!

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Susanna IC Mystery KAL update

Susanna IC Mystery KAL clue #2
Susanna IC Mystery KAL clue #2

Clue #2 came in this morning, and I decided that one load of laundry would be enough work on a Sunday.

So I settled on my couch, with my beloved half-granny-square-half-log-cabin blanket over my knees – yes, fall’s here, no doubt – and happily knit away at this lacey beauty.

I did miss one set of yos, but I missed the full row of them, and managed to pick the missing stitches up in the next row, so even if it’s not entirely true to the pattern, it looks good enough for me to keep. No, that decision has nothing to do with the absence of a lifeline. Really. I also hate ice cream …