Cast on, the 2nd

A monster
A monster

After spending about 15 hours knitting through 3 entire balls of yarn, I began to suspect that I had a monster on my needles.

The original pattern suggests 9 oz of 4-ply yarn, knitted on a no. 7 needle.

I researched. Being from Germany, ounce is not a measure that easily translates to me, so I found a website with a handy converter. It said:

9 oz = 255.145 g

I ordered 6 balls a 50g, thinking I’d be on the safe side. When I realized that after 3 balls I wasn’t even close to being halfway through (as I should have been), as a matter of fact hadn’t even finished a single full repeat of the lace pattern, it dawned on my that something was wrong.

Next up for questioning: the needles. I was knitting on 4mm bamboo circular needles. I double-checked. Here and here. And in a few other places. All of them indicated that my needles, if anything, would be a tad smaller than suggested for the original pattern. Still, I ended up with 112cm of baby blanket.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not the cheap kind. I’d be happy to just buy more wool, and knit may way through this – but it’s simply too big. It’s of no use for a tiny baby. The poor thing would probably drown in it.

So, without further ado, I frogged the monster blanket. *cue worlds tiniest violin* And cast on again, this time about half the stitches specified in the pattern. We’ll see how that goes, but so far, it looks good.

And in fact, there was another aspect of the pattern I didn’t really like which I can fix now. More details about that in a future post.

Cast on, the 2nd
Cast on, the 2nd