Pattern page update (and a small sale)

In preparation for more patterns I’m going to release soon-ish, I have updated the looks of my pattern page.

Unfortunately, the free hosted wordpress isn’t the most friendly for this kind of layout, and I’m not entirely happy with it yet, but it is better than it was before 😀 And my funds don’t allow me quite yet to host this blog myself …

All patterns are currently on sale for $0.99.
Anyways, these are the pattern currently published:

Nicoletta – a bicolour triangle shawlette in shetland lace yarn.

Bi-colour triangle with a slight ruffle

Triangle of Trifles – a great project to us up an odd ball and some left-overs.

Triangle of Trifles – circular shawl, great for using up odd ends of lace.

Classic Shetland triangle with old shale lace border – just what it says in the name 🙂

Shetland Old Lace Triangle – A classic shetland pattern in Shetland lace.

Free download (Ravelry)

Polka Dot Cottage going out of business sale

The Polka Dot Cottage Shop is having a huge sale – and while that’s good news, the reason is a bit sad, as the shop is closing down.

I do, however, totally understand the reasoning – if you don’t “feel it” anymore, it’s no use sticking around. Isn’t that one of the best, most driving reasons behind what we crafters do, the ability to be in unison with what you create, the way you live and how you impact the world?

So, whilst sad that now I’ll never buy any of her lovely buttons or a piece of bespoke jewellery (right now, finances are too tight to splurge, sadly), I do look forward to the new endeavors out of Polka Dot land, and encourage you guys to hop over and grab yourself a bargain!