Ladies raincoat – fixed!

You remember that a few weeks ago I mentioned in passing that I (mostly) fixed the weird pulling in my Ladie’s Raincoat? Well, I wore it out the other day, with my brand new designer jeans mock up, and a handmade hat, and the look was so hilarious it’s kinda cool. Which means, of course,Continue reading “Ladies raincoat – fixed!”

A few bits’n bobs

Last weekend I mostly cooked, including a horribly failed gluten free lasagne (the pasta sheets had turned to mush during the cooking, and it was all a hot mess). It was rather sad, as the vision I had was great, and the pasta behaved okay as long as it was thrown into boiling water …Continue reading “A few bits’n bobs”

Silver Needles P45 – Lady’s Jacket: finished

This post was in the making for a while, mainly because my camera has been super uncooperative, and won’t give me any good photos at all 😦 In the interest of science (so to speak), though, I’ll give you what I have. Please do accept my apologies for the appalling quality of the shots –Continue reading “Silver Needles P45 – Lady’s Jacket: finished”

Silver Needles P45 – construction details

To tell you the truth, the initial issue with the sleeve cap had left me a tad apprehensive. If they got something like that so horribly wrong, how could I expect the finished jacket to be one I’d actually like to wear? This made me take greater care in the following steps than I oftenContinue reading “Silver Needles P45 – construction details”

Silver Needles P45 – Lady’s Jacket: the beginning

This was supposed to be the muslin of the “real” jacket I want to make. By now, though, I’ve come to the conclusion that this needs to turn out wearable, and if it does, the way I imagine, it should be The Jacket. Because I kinda fell in love with the gabardine, which sat prettyContinue reading “Silver Needles P45 – Lady’s Jacket: the beginning”

Preparing to get started

After some fairly excessive lamenting in my last post, a lovely commenter put her finger on the spot: stop whinging and get on with it (not that she used those words!). So today, I pulled the fabrics I had in mind for the muslin out of my stash. Surprise no.1: what I remembered being someContinue reading “Preparing to get started”