Mühsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen

Or, as the English say: Slowly but surely.

Last week I got a cold. Now, summer colds are always particularly annoying, but have you ever sat in bed, with a fever and a ginger-thyme-honey concoction in your hand, listening to people frolicking about in the pool? That’s just wrong, I tell you. Wrong.

Finally I got better, after a night of very impressive fever dreams (which I sadly don’t remember, but they were WILD) and another day of pampering. When the weekend came, I was just stuffy and sniffly and mildly cranky, because I still wasn’t allowed in the pool.

What’s a girl to do? Use the time to get some sewing done, obviously. So Saturday was spent re-drafting the Moss skirt one size bigger, as my first one is just abouts wearable, but only because the denim has a good amount of stretch. Sorry, I still got no decent photo of it 😦

While I was at it, I also drafted the Scout Woven Tee – I’m not participating in the sewalong (if I finish a fashion fabric version before the deadline, I might still hop the on bandwagon, but it looks unlikely), but I had wanted to make one of these for ages, as it seems such a versatile pattern and a good use for the odd meter of fabric that one tends to find in the stash. Or the cut-offs bin, as it may be …

I even cut the Tee yesterday, but then my still ginormously stuffed up head refused to function any longer, and I collapsed in front of the TV.

Come Sunday morning, I felt better again, and sewed up the Scout Tee, cut from a bedsheet I acquired in a charity shop in Brighton shortly before I moved for just such an occasion.

This is how it turned out – I think I probably should go down a size, what do you think?

Scout woven tee
Scout woven tee

And while this particular version can’t ever be seen outside of the house (okay, I wore it on the patio, too) because I simply don’t do pastels, it is amazingly comfy to wear. It’s probably destined to become a nightgown, and I’m seriously wondering if I have enough of the sheet left to make a matching pair of pajama pants.

Since it went together really quickly, notwithstanding a little blunder with the bias binding for the neck, which I first attached the wrong way round, I decided to start on the Moss skirt next.

Now, let me tell you – I really like the pattern. Or, to be precise, I like what it looks like when finished. It’s just your classic little denim skirt, something even I like to wear.

But there are a few issues with the pattern – just as the first time, the markings for the pockets, and pocket linings, and facings, are a tad mysterious. I puzzled for a good 5 mins before I was sure I had the pieces lined up correctly.

Eggplant moss inside
Eggplant moss inside

Next up the fly front – apparently, there are as many ways  to sew a fly front as there are pattern designers describing it. The seam ripper came out. And stayed out. Three times lucky, it now looks okay.

Eggplant moss front
Eggplant moss front

With only the waistband left to do, I quickly stepped out and lit the BBQ. While the coal was getting hot, I attached the waistband, only to find it a tad short. So I hacked off an inch in the center back.

Then re-attached the waistband. And realised that I had made a huge blunder and sewed the fly to the outside while putting the waistband on. The seam ripper started complaining – it’s not used to such a thorough workout on a Sunday.

Now I’ll have to cut a new waistband, and do the hem – but I’m pretty certain the skirt will go into heavy rotation once it’s actually done, as I really do like it, and I’m still a bit in love with the eggplant corduroy I used – also acquired in Brighton, in Fabricland, of course.

Eggplant moss pocket
Eggplant moss pocket

The fabric I used for the pockets will one day become another Simplicity 2447, methinks … I had an eye on it for the Scout Tee, but the tiny print needs a few features, non?

You could call it sewing …

… but it wasn’t.

Gingham shirt – placket detail

In fact, all I did this week was finally put some buttons on the second make of Simplicity 2447. These are not the buttons I thought I’d use – I chickened out, and got some press fasteners instead. To be fair, these had been my first choice, but it took me a while to find them online – in the end, I got them at Jaycotts, as I should have known I would 😀

Gingham shirt front

I think I like how it turned out, but now, looking closely, there’s still some weird wrinkling going on. The diagonal lines on the front don’t bother me, but the ones around the armscye might need closer investigation.

The most noticeable change I made was to the collar – I left off the collar, and just turned the collar band into a mandarin collar, which I like SO.MUCH.MORE.

Gingham shirt – back

There’s more wrinkle action going on in the back … not too bad, tho. Definitely wearable 🙂 In fact, it’s on my back while I write this.

This has come a long way from the first, not-so-wearable muslin, and I’m happy with my new short-sleeve gingham shirt. Now all I need are a pair of snakeskin boots to go with it. Right?