Simplicity Style: 2211 – the skirt

Is it really Thursday already?!

Somehow I lost a day this week. That’s not a bad thing, you might say, as it means I’m closer to The Weekend, which also begins half a day early as our employer has given everybody in the UK Friday afternoon off so we can watch the Olympics Opening. Yay!

My suspicion is my day was lost during the night where my increasingly bad lactose and gluten intolerances decided to get together and have a party. Both these food intolerances have developed over the last few years, and I’m still not very good at dealing with it.

The easiest way to avoid unpleasantness (which can range from slightly gassy to a full-blown 12 hours of cramps and camping in the bathroom – I apologize if that was TMI) would obviously be just not eat dairy or gluten.

Well, what can I say? I love cheese. Some cheeses are alright, others … not so much. And as I’ve learned the hard way, a brie-and-redcurrant-jelly sammy is just no longer possible. D’oh.

But I digress. The plan for this post was to show you the skirt I made, together with the Caterpillar Cardi, as my first Me-Made outfit post. But this outfit is adamant it doesn’t want to be photographed. I kid you not, I took roughly 50 photos, NONE OF WHICH can be posted to this blog.

You don’t believe me?? Look at this:

Well, at least you get to see the colour changes on the cardi, if you squint a wee bit and try to ignore the fuzzyness 😀

The skirt was Simplicity 2211, the Lisette market skirt:


I had wanted a fairly simple A-line skirt for a while, and this fit the bill perfectly. The pattern is quick and easy to sew up, and I squeezed the skirt out of ~1m of left-overs from a previous trousers make.

You can see that I kinda-sorta tried to match the plaids, but I didn’t try very hard. The result is they’re not matching very well, but I’m okay with that.

Plaid Lisette Market

There really isn’t a lot more to say about it, it was that easy to sew up 🙂 The buttons, of course, came from my stash, and I think go very well with the skirt. I had 4 of them, and they’re just the right size for ornamental use … not sure where else I cold have used them, as they’re slightly too big for a blouse or dress, but just not big enough for a jacket. Hence I’m very happy to have found them a good home on the skirt.

Lisette Market Button