Found my mystery socks – sort of …

Mystery socks
Mystery socks

A while ago, I started these socks from a free pattern I found somewhere on the internets. The pattern was a top-down one, while I mostly knit toe-up these days.

So I just copied the lace panel, pasted that into my design book, and happily knit away. The yarn is a very (very!) fine cotton yarn, the colour is lovely, however, progess is slow.

At some point, I updated my ravelry project list, and listed this as the waterfall pattern by Wendy D. Johnson. Then I looked at all the lovely waterfall projects, and realized that indeed I had knit a pair of socks following the waterfall pattern, only it wasn’t this pair. Bummer.

Then I kinda forgot about it – I had the shawlette to deal with, his Majesty’s Blanket, a so far undocumented easy sweater, my granny squares and the minor inconvenience called regular life, including a full time job :D.

Today, I stumbled upon the Susanna IC KAL, and spontaneously signed up. While browsing Susanna’s other patterns, I found this: the meandering vines shawl. I squinted my eyes, peered a little bit closer, and lo and behold, that’s the lace panel I’ve been using for my socks!

A mystery solved! Great start into the weekend. Have  a lovely one!