Chevron Jeans Skirt – the finishing line

Welcome to part 3 of the epic tale of my upcycled denim skirt. Where did we stop? Oh, yes … I was pondering how I could make my panels actually fit around me. To achieve that, I took my Simplicity 2211 and put it down on some brown paper. Then I folded it in half,Continue reading “Chevron Jeans Skirt – the finishing line”

Chevron Jeans Skirt – the cutting

It all started with my decision to declutter my life. This is not a new thing, every couple of years or so I realize I own too many things. Clutter and I don’t jive. On the other hand, I loathe to throw out perfectly good things, or, in this particular case, a few pairs ofContinue reading “Chevron Jeans Skirt – the cutting”

More planning for the chevron jeans skirt

After the unrelenting rain, Summer has hit the UK. And while I’m really happy that we finally get to see some sun, the drive to hunch over the sewing machine or handle wool (the Elwing Calafalas is a mere 4/5 arm away from being finished) is somewhat lowered. Which is fine, really – I haveContinue reading “More planning for the chevron jeans skirt”

Wendy Happy and the difference of half a millimetre

Last Sunday, while outside the sun was shining and people were piling up on the beach, I sat at home and pondered the “Formula Toe-Up Sock” pattern for the KAL in April. I swatched (well, I measured some existing sock knitting), and did my math. I cast on. I ripped. Cast on again. Ripped again.Continue reading “Wendy Happy and the difference of half a millimetre”

To the frog pond!

Around the time this photo was taken, the suspicion had firmly taken hold, and yet, some dark magic stopped me from doing the reasonable thing and try the sock on. Had I listened to that inner voice of mine, it could have been avoided. But alas, so driven was I to finish this project, thatContinue reading “To the frog pond!”

Of Slip Stitch Sox

About 7 months ago, the first version of these were my second pair of toe-up, short-row heel socks. The other pair is gray and black, which gives it a classier appearance. These are just fun, made out of some mysterious russian (I believe) sock yarn and some left-over Regia hand-dye effect. Looking at these socksContinue reading “Of Slip Stitch Sox”