A bit like sewing knickers.

A few days ago, I had a conversation with a friend who shall remain nameless in this post, but if she wishes to reveal herself in the comments, who am I to stop her? 😉

We were chatting online, and our chat turned to “The Sewing Blogs”, as we’re both avid blog readers.

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Chevron Jeans Skirt – the finishing line

Welcome to part 3 of the epic tale of my upcycled denim skirt.

Where did we stop? Oh, yes … I was pondering how I could make my panels actually fit around me.

To achieve that, I took my Simplicity 2211 and put it down on some brown paper. Then I folded it in half, and started playing with the panels. At some point it occured to me that I could use the angled top of the front panels as pockets, and that made me very happy 🙂 Skirts should have pockets.

So in the end I drew around the front and back panels (having made the back longer than the front by two stripes), copied the new pieces, drew some pockets (generally following the Jalie ones) and cut all the new pieces from stash rags.

Chevron skirt – pockets

Yup, it’s got roses and skulls in the pockets 🙂 And the side panels were cut from leftovers from the above mentioned Jalie jeans.

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Chevron Jeans Skirt – the cutting

It all started with my decision to declutter my life. This is not a new thing, every couple of years or so I realize I own too many things. Clutter and I don’t jive.

On the other hand, I loathe to throw out perfectly good things, or, in this particular case, a few pairs of jeans that were no longer fit for public outings. For some reason, I always find it really hard to let go of my ripped up jeans. T-shirts, pullovers, even jackets don’t cause me this kind trepidation. Maybe it’s because I practically live in jeans, and despite heavy usage, they’ve been with me for years. As a matter of fact, two of the three jeans I cut up for this skirt I have brought with me from Germany, in a move that was one station wagon full of stuff.

So, yeah, they were kinda special to me.


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More planning for the chevron jeans skirt

After the unrelenting rain, Summer has hit the UK. And while I’m really happy that we finally get to see some sun, the drive to hunch over the sewing machine or handle wool (the Elwing Calafalas is a mere 4/5 arm away from being finished) is somewhat lowered.

Which is fine, really – I have spent some time thinking about how to go about the chevron skirt. First, I tried to decide if i wanted one or  more blocks of chevrons. Out came my trusty notebook.

Chevron Jeans considerations

I am clearly leaning towards the upper version, with two chevron blocks. Not because I shy away from having to sew so many pieces. That’s a mixed bag – while it’s clearly more effort and time, it would also enable me to use more of the old jeans. This could have been a dilemma, but the (crude) drawing avoided that – I have a clear favorite. I can see the four chevron thing work on a longer, slimmer pencil skirt, tho … hm. Maybe some other time.

After that I googled around a bit, to see if I could find pretty pictures to inspire me more. Sadly, not a lot there.

I found a very dark picture of a pair of chevron jeans worn by Kate Moss, but it’s hard to make out any details.

Then there is the lovely maxi skirt Flame in the Darkness made.

Neither is what I’m after, nice as they are in their own right.

Which brings me back to the construction of the baby. This tutorial looks really helpful, even though it’s not exactly what I’ll be doing . This “wonky” chevron striping has me intrigued, tho … even though it’s not what I imagine for this particular skirt.

This looks like a great tut on how to make my pattern, although I’m not entirely convinced I want darts, as I feel they would possibly break the flow of the chevron pattern. What do you think?

I do need some tapering, especially in the back, to deal with my swayback. I was thinking I could just taper all four pieces (2 front, 2 back) from hip to waist along the seam-lines, and maybe cut the back a wee bit bigger around the bum area and taper off more for the swayback … I’m beginning to think this will need a muslin.

And just because I’ve been so short on pics this week, here’s one of a place I’d like to be at right now:

Source probably Pinterest …

Triangle of Trifles (not truffles, though I assure you I had some during the holidays)

To get this out of the way: yes, there was chocolate.

Champagne truffles
Champagne truffles

There also was knitting.

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Ain’t no sunshine …

Okay, that’s a lie. The sun is still shining like mad.

I’m actually a bit weary of all the sunshine. (Did I just say that out loud? Damn.) Let me explain – I love the sun just as any normal minded person, but I also love to sleep. Sunshine outside makes it so much harder to sleep in the day, which is the only option if you have worked in the night.
Ah, well, I’ll get over it.


Last time, I mused about Wendy Happy, and how much I liked it, didn’t I? I’m sorry to say all has changed. I am no longer in love with Wendy. We broke up. She dumped me. Did I maybe dump her? Who knows … matter of fact, I had to rip the sock yet again, and I didn’t have it in me to start over for the 5th time with Wendy. There comes a time in any relationship where you have to take a long hard look, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. So back in the drawer she went.

Green and not-so-green
Green and not-so-green

Out came some obscure dark green (probably russian) yarn, and some other stuff without a band – I think it’s some sort of Regia sock yarn.
And again, I cast on … back to my 2.5mm needles, btw.

On the positive side, I have finished my spreadsheet, and got to test it with some new numbers (2.5mm == different gauge). It looks good, I’m pretty positive I can now just change the gauge or measurements and it’ll produce a wearable sock.

Slip stitch close up
Slip stitch close up

I might or might not decide to share it with the world – would you be interested in such a spreadsheet, say? Leave a comment to tell me!