Frankenpatterning – Temperley knock-off update

You guys  must think the earth opened and swallowed me whole!

Well, that’s kinda what I feel like, but in actual fact, I’m still here. Yay. No whinging, so moving on.

I have started to put the Temperley knock-off together – so far it’s looking good, but we’re not at a stage yet where I can try anything on for fit, so we’ll see.

And would you believe it? I used tailor’s tacks! Yes! See, here’s proof:

Temperley knock-off tailors tacks

I did attach the pockets, but that’s where I had to stop for a bit. This weekend should hopefully see the finishing line for these trousers:

Nearly there …

Stay tuned!

Not knitting: The Jalie Jeans, Part One

So, I made myself a pair of Jeans.

This time, I used the Jalie pattern Amy has introduced me to here. In a fit of madness, I decided to use the fashion fabric right away, and not make another bed sheet toile. Now, truth be told, I had three variations of the fashion fabric: black corduroy, which I suspect I don’t have enough of; dark blue denim; pink corduroy.

Not wanting to cut into the denim (bought at the exorbitant price of £4.49 at FabricLand), the choice was between pink and black corduroy.

Now, I used to own a light grey corduroy jeans I loved to bits. Literally, I’m afraid, so it had to go a few months back. That’s when I first thought about making my own, and coincidentally also when I first heard about the Jean-ius class on Craftsy.

More on that later, tho.

I decided to go with pink, because, so I argued to myself, a pink pair of Jeans isn’t really going to make it into my everyday wear, so if I screw it up, it won’t matter so much.

Enter stage left: pink corduroy jeans.

It is rather awkward to get a good shot of your own bum, I learned. But more to the point: I didn’t screw them up. They are pretty much perfect. And consequently, I lived in them for a week. My initial feeling these won’t make it into everyday wear? Wrong.

They don’t have dragons in the pockets (I wished, tho!), but cute gingham. Another lesson? Part of the fun of making your own jeans is the way you can toy with the details. Cute pocket lining. Topstitching. Buttons. And so on …

But I digress. Probably to procrastinate what I have to do. So, here it is: the rear view.

Rear view

You can see the excess fabric in my lower back. That’s exactly the kind of issue I have with each and every single store bought jeans. And now I know I can fix it (or at least make it better – I’ve since made another pair, which I’ll tell you about in another post, and removed most of it. )

So exciting!

A few details:

Cute gingham pockets

And the front fly, which I’m pretty happy with:

Front Fly

All in all, I’d call this a success!

Not knitting – in green and purple

This week turns out to be rather hectic again, so this is a short-but-sweet update …

Last weekend, I didn’t spend a lot of time knitting, because when I wasn’t running around like a headless chicken to catch up on errands, I spent hunched over the sewing machine.

Here’s what I made:

To say it with the words of my colleague: If you’re asked where you bought them, that’s probably the best compliment you can get.

They did ask, and I’m rather chuffed with the outcome – especially considering that these were meant to be a toile, a test run, and I would have been okay if they’d turned out not so great. As it is, I have now a pair of purple-and-green tartan trousers.

Good thing Christmas is just around the corner … !