New on the needles: yet another triangle garter shawl.

This yarn has been in my stash for a while. It was one of the first “nice” yarns I ordered for myself, it was shipped all the way from the U.S., got stuck in customs and is just gorgeous.

PSFA DeLite Silky Cashmere

So it was a bit of shock to me that, despite the fact that I love it and really, really want to us it, I found it near impossible to find the matching project.

I tried Diantha from SusannaIC. Didn’t like it. I tried The Forever Shawl – nope. There were a couple of other things I tried, and forgot. Nothing seemed to work.

Until I decided to go back to the basics, so to speak.

I pulled out Jane Sowerby’s “Victorian Lace Today”, and after some deliberation settled for a quite simple garter stitch triangle, the “Shoulder Shawl in Syrian pattern”.

Syrian pattern

What can I say? It works really well! I’m finally happy, and hope to make some good progress during this week.

I am really liking how the yarn-overs at the start of each row provide loops for the knit-on border that’s to follow later (and will cover my vow for the “real” lace I made earlier this year).

Loopy border

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FO: Large Rectangle

It was tight, let me tell you.

When I started the edging, I was pretty confident that the yarn would be enough. I actually even envisioned what a hexipuff would look like, made from the left overs. Then, the further I proceeded the more nervous I got. The ball of your shrunk and shrunk and shrunk. At some point, I was convinced it’d run out about 1.5 inches away from the end. I began debating whether that justified buying a whole new ball. Maybe I could plead to my fellow knitters on the internet, and maybe some kind soul would have a bit of leftover yarn they’d be willing to donate to my shawl?

This is how close it was:

Yarn leftover large rectangle
Yarn leftover large rectangle

But it was enough! The Large Rectangle is finished! *happy dance*

Currently, it’s blocking on my bed (I have doubts about it being done blocking by the time I want to use my bed, but it was the only place large enough to stretch it out. Where do you folks block your lace?

And here it is, in all it’s badly photographed glory:

Large Rectangle - blocking
Large Rectangle - blocking

The Shawlette is dead, long live the shawl!

R.I.P. little shawlette
R.I.P. little shawlette

Okay, technically, it’s a scarf. I think.

It’s from the same book, Victorian Lace Today, and it’s called “Large rectangle”. Somehow, I imagined victorian lace to be named a bit more … poetic. Grand. Impressive. But here we are, with the large rectangle.

Mine isn’t large yet, btw. That’s because I only started it last night. After spending two hours ripping the shawlette.

It was pretty, but it wasn’t for me. You know the feeling, you look at something, and you kinda love it fiercely, because in the bottom of your heart you know that you and it aren’t a fit. This one was too small. The wrong shape. And, let’s face it, a bit braindead – after I added these extra wrong-side purl rows in. I just released it from it’s pain. The pain of being a pretty yarn in a mishap body … okay, maybe I’m pushing it a bit now.

Anyhow, after ripping the shawlette (and giving a passable George Carlin impression while doing so), I started the large rectangle, which is basically a scarf with a diamond lace pattern. I like it a LOT better already, although I’m not very far in.

This is the diamond lace pattern (I will add it to the stitch library in a bit, too):

, g g g g g g g g g g g g 10
g g g g g j a j g g
g , 9
, g g g g g g g g g g g g 8
g g g g j d g s j g g g , 7
, g g g g g g g g g g g g 6
g g s j g g g g g j d g , 5
, g g g g g g g g g g g g 4
g g g s j g g g j d g g , 3
, g g g g g g g g g g g g 2
g g g g s j g j d g g g , 1

On my needles: Victorian inspired Shawlette


This is the little shawl I’ve been working on in the last few days. Yes, I know – I didn’t really need any more WIPs. But this yarn was so lovely, and it was calling out to me, and I was dying to knit something from “Victorian Lace Today” and … so I started.

I used “A handsome triangle” as a starting point, but added a purled wrong side row in to make the pattern easier to handle for me. Still practicing on the lace …

Now I’m adding a edging, which is given as “Mrs. Hope Vandyke’s”. It works great, and certainly adds a lacy and victorian feel to my shawlette. The only difficulty was working aound the corner, as the technique of doing a double-join every other stitch didn’t seem enough to carry me all the way around the corner. I added in some short rows, and that seems to have done the trick. Will see after blocking.

Shawlette with victorian edging
Shawlette with victorian edging

And like I jinxed it by starting on fall-appropriate items, this morning I woke up to the sound of rain … 😦

Rainy morning
Rainy morning