Happy Birthday to “The Very Best Jumper”

I was convinced that my baby was born in July 2011, but alas, my brain’s a sieve and all that and I just missed my blog’s first birthday. Happy belated Birthday, dear blog.

Traditionally, an anniversary is a good opportunity to look back and take stock, but I’ll go a slightly different route.

My friend over at Kim-ing told me recently that she had been wondering why the blog was called The Very Best Jumper, and it dawned on me that I never explained it.

When I started blogging, I had just discovered the Trove – a wonderful online newspaper archive with a stunning multitude of freely available vintage patterns (and loads of other tidbits of vintage life – if you’re just a teensy bit interested, check it out, it really is a treasure trove!).

My intention at that point was to knit and document vintage patterns from all kinds of sources. I wanted to focus on the 1920s, as that is the era I feel most drawn to when talking vintage. Now it’s not too easy to find knitting pattern from that time, and naturally I was delighted when I discovered the Trove.

And guess what I found? A super cute jumper pattern from 1921, called – you guessed it – The very best jumper!

The Very Best Jumper

And that was it, really. My blog had a name, I had a project (which, I have to admit, I still haven’t knit!) and now you know how it all came about.

If you’d like to see the full pdf, I have uploaded it to the patterns page 🙂 And if any of you are inclined to knit it, I’d love some partners in crime and do a little KAL – please leave a comment if there’s any interest in such a crazy untertaking!

His Majesty’s Blanket is nearing completion, part one

His Majesty's Blanket nearing completion
His Majesty's Blanket nearing completion

It’s time for an update of how the blanket is doing. As you can see, it’s doing fine.

Since my last post about it, it has been inspected by the soon-to-be-mother, and she loves it.Phew.

Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about it … the yarn still knits lovely, although I’m somewhat worried by the comments I’ve seen on Ravelry.

Sirdar Snuggly BabyBamboo
Sirdar Snuggly BabyBamboo

I’m using Sirdar Snuggly BabyBamboo, which is really soft to the touch and has a lovely shine to it. Reviews indicate it doesn’t wash so well, however – does anybody out there have any experience with it? At least I’d love to be able to warn my friend if it can’t go in the washing machine (which seems to be the general gist of what I’m reading).

Despite those worries, the detail is coming out nicely on the blanket, and I’m now wrecking my head about an edging. Since it has got a rather wide garter stitch, stockinette based lace seems out of the question. So it should be either an applied icord, methinks, or maybe some garter-based edging – which I’ve not seen a lot of, and I’d love to get some pointers to your favourite edgings!

His Majesty's Blanket - Close up
His Majesty's Blanket - Close up