Sunday Shinies: Black And Silver Glass Buttons

It’s a lovely Sunday here in Brighton. The sun just came out, and the city is still reeling from the fun of the Pride.
I, of course, did not go out 😦 as I have caught the latest office bug, and was in bed all of Friday and most of yesterday. Today, however, I woke up, and except for a few sneezes over my first cuppa and some nose blowing, I’m feeling fine. Huzzah!

However, being sick has not helped with my knitting schedule, so today I present you the second of the installment of Sunday fun posts I plan for the future: Sunday Shinies!

I probably mentioned my obsession with vintage buttons before. I didn’t? Well, then … I guess it’s time I come clean: I have been collecting vintage buttons for a while now, and despite me being rather picky about my money spending on them, I have more than I’ll be able to use anytime soon.

Since that also means they’re hidden away in a dark drawer, and that’s no good for their shinyness, I’m going to share them with you every Sunday. I do expect I’ll buy a few new (old) ones, too 😉

Anyhoo, please meet The Black And Silver Glass Buttons

Black and silver glass buttons
Black and silver glass buttons

I found them in Snoopers, a HUUUUGE 2nd hand shop here in Brighton. It’s thrifter’s paradise, except of course for the fancy-seaside prices … but with a bit of luck and snooping around, you can find some precious items that won’t set you back too much.
Like these lovelies! Do you like them? And what would you suggest I use them for? I only have these 4, not enough for a regular cardi …